About Us

We are not only a builder but CRAFTER!

TK CREATIVE INTERIOR DESIGNS is an art creator of interior design as well as a dream crafter. We transform dreams and concepts into reality, attentively create unique "artworks".

Although we are a "young" establishment founded in year 2017, our youth has lead us to be more enthusiastic, motivated to innovate and open-minded to explore boundless imagination.

We integrate artistic accomplishments, experiences of veteran interior designers and the rigor of professional engineering consultants as well as incorporating the knowledge of Chinese feng shui. Our all-rounded team provides interior and exterior design consultations, drafts composition, designs, application for plans and sophisticated construction works. We aim for one-stop professional services and tailor-made exquisite craftsmanship for our customers.

In addition, we also provide professional and comprehensive planning services, which include full scale floor plans, such as seating plans, lighting socket plans, plumbing and electrical plans and provide the accurate list of interior construction works for cost estimation by contractors, to avoid project's budget overruns.

On top of constantly being updated with latest design trends, TK CREATIVE INTERIOR DESIGNS put high priority on four major elements: safety, practicality, simplicity and space. We ensure to provide leisure, comfort, elegant and classical interior designs and renovation works to various types of residences, commercial venues, shops or companies.

In accordance to the desired theme and atmosphere, we will create different styles of business environments and spaces for restaurants, cafes, hawker centers, hair salons, leisure and entertainment venues, beauty centers, fitness centers or showrooms, etc.
Art design is our speciality, products quality is our pledge. TK CREATIVE INTERIOR DESIGNS is committed to fulfil its mission in order to create an exclusive new life style and cultural space for you.

Kady Tiu, chief interior designer of "Dream Crafter"

Kady Tiu, who has been in the field of interior design for 16 years, is a creative, young yet veteran interior designer. She graduated from the Malaysian Institute of Arts in 2006 with a Diploma in Interior Design. She also further studied "Qi Men Dun Jia – Destiny and Forecasting”, as well as the "Qi Men Feng Shui and Strategy" courses, which skillfully integrates feng shui with interior design, aesthetics, energy, and architecture to create one after another unique style and its own "artworks"!
TK CREATIVE INTERIOR DESIGNS' Professionalism and Commitment
 Bold Ideas

Boundless creativity of interior and exterior design and renovation.

With bold ideas, boundless creativity and delicate production, each interior design and renovation project is a unique work of art.
 Combining practicality and aesthetics

Tailor-made unique artworks

Whether it is for residence, leisure and entertainment, or industrial and commercial building as well as space, TK CREATIVE INTERIOR DESIGNS will custom-made practical, spatial and aesthetic designs for customers in accordance to the building architectural structure, feng shui setup and actual use. Furthermore, with matching pleasant colour tones, high-quality materials, selective furniture, elegant lighting, hanging decoration and others will demonstrate the originality and extraordinary style of art.
 All-rounded design and renovation team

One-stop professional services

TK CREATIVE INTERIOR DESIGNS is a professional team embodied by respective expertise who are proficient in design, aesthetics, feng shui, architecture, electrical and plumbing engineering, in order to provide customers one-stop design and renovation services.
 Integrate feng shui knowledge

Calculation and observation made through feng shui, together with "Qi" (energy) which comes from the sky (cosmos), earth (planet earth) and people (human beings), are being used as design references, in order to avoid taboos, abide to people-oriented, prioritize indoor lighting, ventilation and accurate grasp of positioning, aiming to seek luck and avoid calamity, as well as to change the aura and fortune.
 Keeping promises

Fulfilling missions

Trust through sincerity and honesty, customer-oriented, achieving missions.
 After-sales service

Quality assurance, well acclaimed

TK CREATIVE INTERIOR DESIGNS put great importance in maintaining loyalty from customers, protecting the rights and interests of customers. Within the warranty period, we provide prompt and effective services such as repair and maintenance works, and upgrading. Quality is assured, good after-sales service, well acclaimed.
Company Vision and Commitment

TK CREATIVE INTERIOR DESIGNS pledges to uphold our goal of providing customer-oriented services, rigorously and attentively design and create extraordinary and unique ideal space for each customer.

In order to upgrade and expand our service scope, TK CREATIVE INTERIOR DESIGNS plans for business expansion in next two years, strengthening our interior design team, create new breakthrough, design and produce more up to date styles that cater to latest trends and even being at the forefront of new design styles.